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Are Fog Lights Important?


Imagine it is a cold winter night and you have just gotten off work. On top of it being dark, it is also foggy. Even if you are an experienced driver, you don't want to be struggling with visibility on your way home. Fortunately, this is where fog lights come into play. The yellow tones of the fog lights help immensely by illuminating the road so what is ahead is visible, compared to the headlights which are too bright for low-visibility driving. Due to fog and other low visibility conditions, close to 40,000 people have car accidents every year. So, can fog lights help and prevent such accidents and if not, are they really important?

What are fog lights? 

The purpose of a fog lamp on a car is to provide a powerful concentrated light beam that penetrates fog and heavy rain to make the car more visible for other motorists. Fog lights, or lamps, are a small block of round lights located under the headlights of a car. They are tilted in a specific way so that the light directly illuminates the road in front of you, rather than a few feet off the ground like ordinary car headlights. The front fog lamp is suitable for bad weather conditions with reduced visibility, such as foggy, rainy or dusty weather. Since the headlights may be too bright and reflected in the eyes of the driver opposite you in low visibility conditions, fog lights are safer and favored more by many drivers. 

How do they work?

Although it looks like it, fog does not actually touch the ground, so the angle of the fog lamp is as close to the ground as possible. The lights will turn down sharply so that only the actual ground in front of you will light up, which also helps prevent you (and other drivers) from going blind. When replacing the front fog lamp bulb, the most common one is the yellow bulb. White light tends to produce glare in rain and snow, which can be confusing, dazzling and dangerous. On the other hand, yellow light can penetrate low visibility without glare, making it softer to drive the eyes.

 Benefits of Fog Lights 

  • Visibility Improvement

Fog lights are usually installed under the front bumper, so the driver can clearly see everything on the road. By improving visibility, they can help drivers see clearly even in bad weather conditions.

  • Aesthetics Enhancement 

The best fog lights can make a car look more beautiful, even when not in use. When they are installed in the right way, they add style and functionality.

  • Notify other drivers of your presence

If you have difficulty seeing the road ahead in bad weather, it is even more difficult for drivers without fog lights. These lights work well with OEM headlights to let other road users know where you are and help them drive more carefully.

  • Improve road safety

Fog lights can not only help you in foggy days, but also work well in other harsh driving conditions. When it rains or snowstorms, fog lights can be the determining factor between returning home safely and a serious accident.

Types of Fog Lights 

  • Halogen

Halogen fog lamps are a common sight. Emitting yellow light, their biggest selling point is their affordable price. Many car owners find them easy to use. Unlike the brighter fog lamps, these lamps produce enough light without causing dazzling effects. However, in areas where heavy fog is common, halogen fog lamps should not be the preferred solution. These lamps also have a short lifespan and require constant replacement.

  • LED

LED fog lights are a better choice than halogen bulbs. They use light-emitting diodes to greatly improve visibility. Some modern LED fog lights have a range of light colors suitable for different weather. Although they are more expensive than halogen fog lamps, they use less energy. However, their greatest benefit is their durability. For many years, well-maintained LED lights have provided the best performance.

  • HID

High intensity discharge (HID) fog lamps are bright and use xenon gas. Compared with halogen bulbs, they have a longer service life and consume less energy. These lights can withstand shock and vibration. They can also distribute light more evenly, making them an excellent choice for heavy fog. However, before installing HID in your car, it is best to consider other road users who may be sensitive to strong light.


As we can see, fog lights are paramount when it comes to safety in harsh weather conditions. Luckily, Trade Vehicle Parts is equipped with a broad range of fog lights at very affordable prices. A selection of the wide variety of fog lights available in our store:


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