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  • Ways In Which You Can Improve Your Front Desk Service

    WAYS TO IMPROVE FRONT DESK SERVICE The front desk is often the first and final point of contact many customers interact with within your shop. The...
  • How To Improve Quality of Service

     HOW TO IMPROVE QUALITY OF SERVICE   The quality of your auto shop’s service is directly linked to customer retention; the greater the quality, t...
  • Car Maintenance Basics Everyone Should Know

     CAR MAINTENANCE BASICS   New and experienced car owners should know the following car maintenance basics as it could aid in information collectio...
  • How To Extend Your Car's Life

    Simple Ways To Extend Your Car's Life     Buying a vehicle is an asset- an asset that I am sure that all of us would want to last a lifetime. Vehi...
  • Open Up Your Shop To a New Market

    OPEN UP YOUR SHOP TO A NEW MARKET Over the past few years do-it-yourself auto shops have been popping up, and they have been becoming more popula...
  • Importance Of Cybersecurity In Your Shop!

    IMPORTANCE OF AUTOMOTIVE CYBERSECURITY As cars grow smarter and more digitally complex, so too do cybersecurity protocols used to protect these ca...
  • Get The Most Out Of Every Fuel Tank

    5 WAYS TO GET THE MOST OUT OF EVERY FUEL TANK  With fuel prices reaching never before seen highs, knowing how to maximize the fuel efficiency of ...
  • Do You Know What Type Of Service Is Best For Your Car?

    WHAT TYPE OF SERVICE IS BEST FOR YOUR CAR This newsletter is geared towards car owners; specifically, those that are newly crowned as such. The wo...
  • Taking Too Long With Auto Repair?

    TAKING TOO LONG WITH AUTO REPAIRS? Having your vehicle at the mechanics for days on end can be stressful; suddenly you have to find another way to...
  • Save Money On Your Car!

    SAVE MONEY ON YOUR CAR     With fuel prices ramped up, saving money where we can is crucial. You don’t want to be wasting money on other car expen...
  • Get Control Over Your Shop's Waste!

    YOUR SHOP AND WASTE MANAGEMENT    Auto shops handle and utilize various hazardous chemicals that, if not managed properly, can have a major negat...
  • How The War In Ukraine Is Impacting The Auto Industry

    How Has The War In Ukraine Impacted The Auto Industry? The Russian invasion of Ukraine is starting to have a notable impact on the automotive indu...

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