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Britain and the Future of Autonomous Driving

Britain and the Future of Autonomous Driving


Earlier this year, the UK government revealed a new 40 million pounds of funding to kick-start self-driving services. Recently, it shared that it aims for the widespread deployment of self-driving vehicles on public roads by 2025. 100 million pounds of funding are expected to be pumped into the autonomous vehicle industry in order to achieve this goal.

New laws are expected to make an appearance too; the proposed legislation would hold manufacturers liable for the conduct of self-driving vehicles; a human driver would not be held accountable for events linked to driving while the vehicle is in charge of driving. The UK government sees this as a worthy investment as the development of self-driving vehicles has the potential to create 38,000 new high-skilled jobs in the British industry. It is clearly evident that the UK is moving ever closer to a future where self-driving vehicles become more prevalent.

With the near-inevitable influx of self-driving cars approaching in the future, how is this expected to impact the auto repair industry? Here are a few ways in which the auto repair industry will need to adapt to accommodate this new development:


  • Greater hardware and software diagnostic skills will be needed as new sophisticated software such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and innovative hardware like sensors become the core components of autonomous vehicles.

  • Autonomous vehicle service technicians will require graduate degrees in order to work on these new types of vehicles, and current technicians will need to undergo continued education in order to be better equipped to repair and maintain autonomous vehicles. Hands-on exposure will be more crucial than ever before.

  • Data management and software programming will become more crucial. Predictive technology will help technicians in diagnosing a wide array of problems and will influence how they maintain and repair autonomous vehicles.


As we get closer and closer to the normalization of autonomous vehicles, we need to start thinking about how it will impact us and adapt accordingly.

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