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How To Analyze Shop Data Like A Pro!



 Over the past few newsletters, we’ve been talking about global trends, and how to notice them. While keeping an eye on these trends will help your business prepare for the future, it is also important to have your fingers on the pulse locally. We’ve touched on the importance of keeping up with the latest automotive news, and the power of using the right software for your shop. By using these tools and techniques, you can analyze your shop’s data in order to know what to prepare for.

Through the use of auto-repair software, you can easily catalog and display data that will help you make an informed decision on what to stock up.



When looking at said data, there are three areas that can be looked at:

1. What are my top-selling products?

2. What category of products is being sold the most?

3. Which brand of vehicle is mostly being bought for?


Answering these three questions will give you a rough idea of your customer’s needs. This will also allow you to manage your stock and inventory more efficiently.

While it is wise to use this data as a guide, it is pertinent that stock should be maintained and tracked accurately. Ordering too much could eat into your profit margins, ordering too little could have a customer’s car in the shop for longer than intended. It is recommended that you keep looking at your shop’s data regularly, and continuously reassess your position.
By keeping track of the trends that your shop experiences, you can better plan for your customer’s needs- keeping your service consistent, and making your consumers happy.


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