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Concerning New August Trend To Prepare For



According to new data from insurance company Admiral, a fifth of all caravan accidents happen in August. The insurance firm expects ‘staycations’ to remain popular among drivers this year, with large numbers of caravanners hitting UK roads. Their figures show that 49% of all caravan-related accidents occur during the summer months, with 20% occurring in August alone.

How can auto shops help curb this number? And how can auto shops prepare for any incoming caravans? Here are a few ways:


1. Advertise, and have promotions:

One way to attract caravaneers to your auto shop is to advertise any products and/ or services that they might need. You can have a sale- and stock- tent cleaners, tent re-proofers and cleaners. Encourage caravaneers to come to your auto shop for a checkup before they embark on their long journeys. Providing caravaneers with the products and services that they need is a surefire way to tap into this demographic of motorists.


2. Hire a Caravan Service Technician:

In order to be well prepared for the influx of caravans consider hiring a caravan service technician. They are specially trained to complete installations and repairs of various RV vehicles.

If you are unable to hire a caravan service technician for whatever reason, consider training one of your current technicians for the role. There are a plethora of online courses available.




Opening up your auto shop to caravaneers will allow you to tap into a brand new market, allowing you to expand your business and reach new heights!


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