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As technology continues to evolve, cars become more complex. Auto repair shops need to be able to keep up- new auto repair, and shop management software becomes more critical than ever. Shop management software can save you time and space, it tracks your shop’s performance and helps you organize. It simplifies estimates and repairs, improves communication within the shop, and helps you engage with your customers.


Seeing the formidable advantage that using auto repair software gives your shop, here are three of the best:




 1. Autofluent:

Autofluent is a cloud-based auto repair software that streamlines the work of all spheres in your shop. It handles everything from sales leads to work order management. It even allows you to make customized invoices and helps with inventory management. Flexible, rich in features, and easy on the pocket, Autofluent caters to every business within the automotive industry.


 2. Shop Boss Pro:

Created by a former auto-repair shop owner, Shop Boss Pro is specifically catered to the automotive industry. A web-based management system, it is also compatible with mobiles, making it very convenient and accessible. It covers the entire range of operations an auto-repair business tackles in their daily life. Shop Boss Pro is true value-for-money.


 3. Complete Auto Reports:

Complete Auto Reports, or CAR, tackles the lack of multi-faceted and affordable software within the auto-repair space. With its mobile interface, you can increase efficiency within the workplace by easily adding customer profiles, uploading vehicle data, and building estimates among a vast array of functions. It has a free basic subscription and offers paid plans as the needs of your business increase.


Each of these options brings its own type of value to the business that uses them. Regardless, the importance of using software is essential to streamline your operations.

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