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These 3 Questions Can Improve Shop Efficiency



We at TVP have a little treat for you; some exclusive insight into a few upcoming trends around the UK based on our personal data. We hope that these acuities will help you to prepare for possible future orders. With over 17,000 data points to draw from, you can trust that our statistics are accurate and reliable.

When we looked at the data, we asked ourselves three questions:

1. What are the top-selling products?
2. What category of products is being sold the most?
3. Which brand of vehicle is mostly being bought for?

By answering these questions we can accurately gauge the needs of customers, and in turn, prepare for those needs. This allows you to save time and energy by managing your stock and inventory more efficiently.



  1. According to the data, the top-selling products are the Ford Fiesta 2008 - 2017 Repair Bumper Spoiler, the Ford Transit 2000 -2014 Door Wing Mirror Driver Side, and the Ford Transit 2000 - 2014 Door Wing Mirror Passenger Side
  2. At the moment, a substantial amount of grilles- about 20% of our sales- are being bought at the moment.
  3. Parts needed to repair Ford vehicles are in the most demand.

You too can ask these three questions when analyzing the data of your own shop so that you can keep track of any local trends happening within your area. But more on that in a future newsletter.


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