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Secrets of Successful Auto Repair Shops



Highly successful auto-shops have a few things in common. Utilize these commonalities in order to create an excellent workplace that will continue growing.

1. Focus on the mission:

Automotive shops should have a clearly defined mission statement. This mission statement should drive all aspects of the company. Have something that people will want to be a part of, something that resonates with your employees and your customers.


2. Focus on training, development, and advancement:

A study found that three in four employee turnovers are preventable by offering various perks such as career advancement. Therefore, if you want to retain your most skilled employees it is pertinent that you invest in the development of their careers; this can be done by offering job shadowing and by sending them to courses, and sponsoring certifications.


3. Continue improving your shop:

It is important to keep working on your shop: keep your fingers on the pulse of the latest industry trends, set up key performance indicators and processes, and keep track of and review these processes so that you identify weak spots and strengthen them.


4. Keep things modern:

Social media is always evolving and it is important that you keep up; have a clean, modern website, utilize one or two major social media platforms and ensure that your business listings are up to date. Doing this will help you attract new talent and new customers.


Putting these tips into practice will ensure that your shop continues to grow to new heights.

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