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How To Spot Auto Trends

How To Spot Auto Trends



With the chaos of the pandemic still raging- from semiconductor shortages to supply chain hiccups- many auto-repair shops that are usually planning for the year ahead, are still catching their breath from last year. Shops have been in “marathon mode” for quite a while now and may have no idea what to look out for. We are here to show you how to spot any trends and prepare for the future so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

We will be using electric vehicles as a case study:


Trade and Industry Periodicals

With the past year being filled with electric vehicle-centric headlines and new legislation being introduced, the automotive industry has its eyes firmly set on this emerging trend. Many auto-repair shops are aware of this trend due to reading trade and industry periodicals. Many of them are free to professionals. The TVP newsletter is a great source of information too; follow us so you can stay on top of trends


Online classes and In-person industry training

How are auto-repair shops preparing themselves for the upcoming onset of EVs? By training their employees. As technology advances, the learning curve becomes steeper and training becomes more important than ever. There are plenty of web-based courses available; a quick google search will reveal a plethora of them. Quite a few shops are outright buying EVs, giving their teams early hands-on access, and hoping to gain an understanding of the lifestyle of an EV motorist. If you’re unfamiliar with the technology within a vehicle, asking the customer to keep their vehicle for a few more hours is completely wise. A smaller step to take would be getting your feet wet with hybrids; they make up a larger market share than EVS, but they can serve as a gateway to EVs.

The next point is something a bit broader in scope


Determine your diagnostic needs

Your shop might be a great indicator of upcoming trends; if you have a particular repair that is consistently being brought in, keeping tabs on which parts are used most often is a great way of foretelling what the future holds. If an unfamiliar brand comes into your shop though, you need support on call. As diagnostics have become more integral and complex than ever, it is always a boon to have the right ally in your corner. Let TVP be that ally.

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